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DSP-based Performance

Fully Customized Bidder

Server to Server Header Bidding

Revenue Optimization through our AI-driven Yield Optimization Engine


MP has built a platform based on

buying and selling Performances.

MediaPerformers is a full-stack solution for the future of AdOperations, enabling stronger performances and to enforce performance and cost optimization. Immediate solution offered for any issue. MP engineers build a secure, AI-Driven and easy-to-use platform for product design on a performance-based bidder. That includes easy CPA-based strategy and payments integration.

MP‘s aim is to integrate all fashion companies, employees, and assets into a unified ad management ecosystem, that makes the business truly efficient, transparent, and reliable.

Best Features

MP is passion, innovation and expertise in Fashion and Design finance development , and marketing.

User Experience
Brand safety


User Experience

Your product presentation in creative user interaction.



Providing total visibility on the entire buying funnel available to DSP for purchase decisions.


Brand safety

This feature guarantees the security advertiser and client privacy and ensures that the ads will not appear on suspicious websites.


Ecosystem key features

DSP with a CPA engine makes you the only owner of a secure funnel of your Fashion & Design promotion

Providing customers a Crypto Token Compatible data carriage Technology.

The DSP is a tamper-proof, append-only ledger that uses state-of-the-art exchange Bidding.

MP ability of data layer management creating real time conversion models for Fashion & design target market.


Frequently asked questions

Below MP has provided a bit of DSP, Exchange, SSP, and a few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

What is MP Fullstack?

MediaPerformers FullStack – is a unique platform secure, smart easy-to-use, and completely empowerin the way to manage your Ad Operations.

How can I manage my buying with MP?

MediaPerformers DSP – provides a first look access to the most important exchanges and premium inventories.

Which Geo’s are covered?

Our DSP covers a range of premium inventories worldwide

Do you have a Managed solution?

MediaPerformers provides both self-service and Managed solutions based on the monthely budget you want to spend

What are the main advantages of MP DSP?

MediaPerformers DSP provides a CPM-buying model like all other competitors in the market. Furthermore it provides a wide range of powerful bidding solutions based on CPA and CPL campaigns

Can I buy on App?

By using MediaPerformers DSP you have a combined yet manageable look to both web, smartTv and app inventories

Do you provide a built-in tracking system?

Yes, MP Track is one of the most advanced and fastest tracking systems on the market

Do you provide a WhiteLable solution?

We are always open to providing WL solutions and WL+Managed solutions to our clients. With e-Volution you can create your brand new trading desk without a considerable IT background

Are you providing solutions for publishers?

MediaPerformers Yield is the perfect solution for the publishers who want to monetize and optimize the best of their inventory.

Does it need a big IT effort to integrate your solution?

The integration of our server-to-server Header Bidding solution is as easy as integrating a tag. Our platform provides all the tutorials to make it even easier.

Do you provide any IT support?

We provide IT support and revenue optimization consultancy for your premium publishers

Who is a premium publisher?

For MediaPerformers, e premium publisher is a publisher that has a minimum reach of 25% with respect to the total audience of its main Geo’s-



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